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red Riding Hood photo shoot

I finished most of the editing.  There's still one more to do which is going to take much longer.  Some tricky photoshopping is involved.

Here it be. 


Photos under the cut

A first of many in my newest series

As you know I've taken on Urban exploration as a more permanent hobby.  Here's the latest instalments from my new series.

Woodlands Asylum

Jun. 13th, 2011

I kidnapped my friend Scott for a shoot. 

Scott Hurr


NEVER say no to Panda

I love this band, awesome driving music for summer.. or any time really!!

Caravan Palace


My new photo journal

I've started a lj dedicated to my work. 

I had this whole thing I was going to write about it.. but I'm so over worked and tired from an insanely busy week, I can't be bothered.  

so for anyone interested.. here it be.

Jen's photojournal

*drops dead from exhaustion*..
Wedsite is almost done.  I'm starting to understand this shizat.. sort of.


So to also be a dot.com
Did a shoot with Michelle.C today.  She's amazing to work with.  I think this might be my best studio shoot to date.  Her and I work great together.

Shoot the link

Photos from War of The Roses

I should really just call this the Josh Hines and friends album since he's in most of them..lmao 

Photos behind the clicky thing